Unrefined Coconut Oil: What is it? Where to Buy it?

A coconut is a large brown seed. It is the seed of a palm tree. The coconut has a hard shell and on the inside there is a white flesh that is edible. There is also a clear liquid inside the coconut. An expeller pressing machine is used to extract the oil out of the coconut. The oil is unfiltered and has no additives. This is where the unrefined coconut oil comes from.

Unrefined Coconut Oil vs. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil is extracted from a flesh of a fresh coconut. There is a method called quick drying used to extract the oil from the flesh of the coconut. In this method the coconut flesh is dried quickly and one it is dried the oil is extracted mechanically. There is another processed used which is called wet milling. In this process the milk of the coconut is extracted from the flesh of the coconut as well and then it is boiled. It is then fermented from the milk and they use enzymes to get this done. The process is so quick that the oil does not need to go through the process of being bleached and there is also no need to add additives. It does not affect the smell or taste of the coconut.

Unrefined Coconut OilWhen the coconut oil is refined it means that the oil is bleached and it is also deodorized. The coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of a dried coconut instead of a fresh one. This coconut flesh is known as copra. Contaminants arise because the oil is extracted from the copra and because of this, bleaching clays is used to purify the copra. The taste and flavor of the coconut is removed after the coconut oil gets deodorize. Chemicals have been known to be used to get the oil out of the coconut. Then sodium hydroxide is used on these oils to extend the shelf life. This choice of extracting the oil means that there will be Trans fat in the coconut oil. After reading the difference between unrefined and refine coconut oil the difference is obvious.

The Uses for Unrefined Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil is richer in protein and it is more nutritious and because of this it is used to give foods some flavor. It is also used as cooking oil. The unrefined coconut oil is used as a substitute of butter and shortening. There are external uses as well. The oil can be used during a massage and can be applied on the hair. Unrefined coconut oil has been known to reduce inflammation and it also has been known to reduce cholesterol levels.

Where to Purchase Unrefined Coconut Oil

The oil can be purchased in organic health food stores. It can also be purchased in vitamin shops. The oil can also be purchased at wholesalers and big name grocers. Look at the label before purchasing coconut oil. The label will usually read “virgin” or “extra-virgin.” When the label reads “Expeller-pressed” or “Cold-pressed” it does not mean that the coconut oil was extracted from the fresh flesh of the coconut.