Top 10 Coconut Oil Uses

While most people have coconut oil stored somewhere in their kitchen pantry, many are unaware of the vast array of things that this versatile oil can be used for. While coconut oil is most often used for cooking and baking, there are many other useful ways to use this all natural product. Just by typing “coconut oil uses” in a search engine will bring up countless articles outlining dozens of ways to use coconut oil. While searching for the most useful ways to use coconut oil can be tedious, here is a top ten list of uses for coconut oil.

Ultra Conditioning Hair Mask

Coconut oil can be used in conjunction with olive oil to make an ultra hydrating restorative hair mask. This hair mask will leave hair smelling great and feeling super soft, all while promoting hair growth, restoring shine and revitalizing the scalp. To make this hair mask, simply combine three tablespoons of coconut oil, two table spoons of olive oil and one packet of unflavored gelatin. Mix well in a bowl and thoroughly apply to dry hair, saturating the strands from root to tip. Leave on for at least fifteen minutes. For an ultra conditioned shine, leave on for up to twenty five minutes. Thoroughly rinse with warm water and towel dry. Take care not to drip the mixture on any garments, as it may easily stain. Use of a shower cap can lessen the chance of stains occurring. Coconut oil is also great for reducing frizz and flyaways.

To Repair Cracked Skin

For many people, the wintertime can be especially hard on the skin. The change in temperature and cold, windy days can wreck havoc on skin’s ability to maintain moisture, making people prone to cracked or chaffed skin. Coconut oil is a great solution for dry winter skin. By rubbing into cracked heels, elbows or just about anywhere, coconut oil gently moisturizes the skin, leaving it baby soft and the great scent can be a wonderful pick me up on those cold winter days.

Natural Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite affects so many people, and it can often be an embarrassing and unsightly problem. While some may spend hundreds of dollars on cellulite treatments and never see results, coconut oil is a great, all natural treatment for cellulite that has proven to be effective in reducing its appearance. Simply combine a few tablespoons of coffee grinds (unused) with coconut oil and gently brush onto the affected area in a circular motion. Doing this will help promote the breakdown of fat deposits which is the culprit for cellulite.

Coconut Oil For Beauty

There are many coconut oil uses for facial skin care and beauty. Coconut oil is a great face moisturizer as well as cleanser, and won’t strip delicate skin of it’s natural oils. Suitable for all skin types, simply apply to the face as sparingly or as liberally as necessary. It is also a great product to use for makeup removal and, when dabbed onto the cheeks, can be used as a natural highlighter as well.

Coconut Oil as a Natural Shaving Cream

Some shaving creams can be harsh on the skin, and the foam can make it difficult to navigate around knees and ankles, but one of the best coconut oil uses is as a natural shaving cream. Simply apply to the legs (or any part of the body) as you would shaving cream and shave. Coconut oil is transparent, therefore making nicks and cuts less likely to occur. It will also leave legs feeling smooth, silky and irresistibly touchable!

Coconut Oil For Oil Pulling

Among the many uses for coconut oil, oil pulling is one of the more unusual ones. Oil pulling is the act of swishing around a bit of coconut oil in one’s mouth and through one’s teeth in order to promote healthy oral hygiene. While this may seem like an unusual concept, oil pulling has recently gained the attention of physicians and dentists, who have stated that there is, in fact, health benefits to oil pulling. Oil pulling by use of coconut oil may combat tooth decay when done as directed. Also, oil pulling has been used as a way to clear up acne (the oil, when swished in the mouth draws toxins out of the skin, leaving it smooth and blemish free).

Coconut Oil as Toothpaste

In conjunction to oil pulling with coconut oil, coconut oil can also be used an an effective toothpaste. Because it’s all natural, coconut oil may be a safe alternative for small children to use as a training toothpaste, as it is not harmful if swallowed. To use coconut oil as a toothpaste, simply mix with a bit of baking soda and brush as normal. Coconut oil is also known as a natural teeth whitener, so the benefits for using coconut oil as toothpaste are twofold.

Coconut Oil as a Natural Antiperspirant

Coconut oil is a great way to ditch traditional deodorant and antiperspirant (which usually contains a ton of unnatural and harmful ingredients). To use as antiperspirant, mix coconut oil with cornstarch, baking soda and any essential oil and apply directly to underarms. This all natural deodorant will keep one smelling fresh and clean, even in the middle of summer.

Coconut Oil as a Metabolism Booster

Coconut oil has been widely regarded as a nutrient dense substance and has been recognized as a natural metabolism booster. Although coconut oil is somewhat high in calories, it consists of fatty acids that are quickly utilized as energy, as opposed to being stored as fat. Because of this coconut oil naturally speeds up the metabolism and may help shed some unwanted pounds. To benefit from this effect of coconut oil, simply use in cooking in place of canola oil, or freeze onto berries as a great tasting snack.

Coconut Oil for Infant Care

Some of the best uses for coconut oil is for babies and infants. Many mainstream baby products are filled with unnatural ingredients which can irritate delicate baby skin. Coconut oil has been found to be effective in combating diaper rash due to its natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. This makes coconut oil excellent in combating diaper rash, as well as cradle cap.