Coconut Oil for Hair

Natural fruits and vegetables, along with an assortment of oils like coconut oil, have been used for thousands of years to treat and condition the body. Now that the secret is out, many people are using natural products in their beauty regimen with great success. Coconut oil is one of those products, and it can be used in many ways. Coconut oil is a wonderful, natural way to have the healthiest skin and hair because the properties of the oil retain hydration and allow the hair and skin to look radiant. Coconut oil for hair makes a luxurious conditioner that is easy to use and might already be in your kitchen cabinet!

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is made from the raw coconut meat that lines the inside of the shell. After it is dried, it is separated from the shell and placed in a hydraulic press, using high heat, to press out the oil, which typically amounts to over 60 percent of the total weight of the coconut.

The reason that coconut oil is wonderful for hair is because it consists of a  percent of saturated fat and a medium chain oil. This makes the coconut oil attract to the proteins in hair, so the hair shaft is deeply penetrated. Coconut oil has been proven to produce healthier hair than either Safflower or Canola oil, and it works equally as well on the hair of Caucasians, Afro-Americans and Latinos.

What Type of Coconut Oil for Hair is Best?

Coconut oil is either refined or unrefined. The unrefined has not been processed with additives that change its composition. Unrefined oil is the purer oil, and the one that will permeate the hair shaft more fully, giving more luster to your hair. Nowadays, unrefined coconut oil is found in health food stores and in the natural section of your grocery, so it is easy to find.

Because of the composition of coconut oil, it requires only a small amount when used as a conditioner. Dry, brittle hair can come from many sources, such as a nutritionally poor diet, UV rays, chemical processing and heated styling tools. If your hair has become damaged, take heart. Coconut oil for hair will bring your hair back to life, and make it soft and shiny again.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Among other benefits in using coconut oil for hair is hair growth. Coconut oil is an essential oil that promotes growth when it is applied onto the scalp, allowing it to penetrate into the hair follicles. The natural properties of the oil moisturize and prevent split ends and hair breakage when used regularly. Keeping the hair shaft healthy, allows it to grow longer without breaking.

Coconut oil for hair also improves the general condition of the scalp, which means each hair follicle will be healthier. The oil clears out tiny amounts of dirt and dead skin particles that inhibit hair growth. With continued use, coconut oil keeps the scalp clean, and it also protects against insects and other bug bites. Research has shown that it eliminates lice problems and heals the itchy scalp.

Here are Seven Steps to Condition your Hair at Home

1. Find a shower cap, head wrap or plastic film to cover your head while the coconut oil is on.
2. Take 3 – 5 Tbsp. coconut oil and microwave until warm, approximately 30-45 seconds.
3. Apply oil on the ends of your hair first, and then apply from the crown of your head. The ends and shafts of hair need the most conditioning, so apply less to the scalp. This will keep your hair from looking “greasy.” Combing the oil will ensure every strand is coated.
4. Cover your hair. Let the coconut oil perform it’s magic for at least two hours. The longer the oil stays on, the better, so overnight is especially good.
5. Wash hair with a mild shampoo. It may take two to three washings to get all of the oil out.
6. Let hair dry naturally, so you can see how soft, lustrous and shiny it has become.
7. Limit using curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers that damage hair. Coconut oil conditioning can be applied once a week until hair is healthy, and then maintained every two weeks.