Coconut Oil: A Natural Remedy for Eczema

How and Why it Works

A skin disorder that is usually chronic is called Dermatitis, or eczema. Most people who have this develop a rash that itches and often they become dry, red and scaly. Covering a range of different inflammations on the skin the word eczema is a blanket word. Some of the most common names for this skin inflammation are atopic eczema and infantile or baby eczema or atopic dermatitis. There are various treatments and various causes as well. They have now discovered that people that have eczema can use coconut oil and it works really well. Coconut oil for eczema works well for the people that have this condition. But before you start using it for this condition try it and see if you can use it for this and ask your doctor about it.

The Common Causes of Eczema

Being able to treat your eczema is great and when it works for you it’s even better but unless you find out what is causing the flare ups then it will come back again and again. Some of the best common triggers for dermatitis include shellac (found in mascara) various chemicals that are found in makeup, nickel found in glasses and jewelry, latex gloves, tomatoes, fabric softener, and latex balloons. Try and find out what is causing these outbreaks, or the cause of it. The result of these chemicals touching your skin triggers it and causes your skin to itch so you scratch. Usually the doctor can prescribe something to keep that area hydrated and also to reduce the inflammation. Using a prescription that you would get from your doctor would be a good idea. Using chemicals especially on your face is not a good idea for anyone.

eczemaOrganic Coconut Oil for Eczema

If you are an eczema sufferer then you probably agree that the organic extra virgin coconut to be the best product to relieve the suffering of the itching and the dryness and it might just stop the flakiness. Coconut oil is fantastic products that can help you remove your make up and add shine to your hair and will make your hair feel gorgeous. If you add it to your skin care regime you can truly see some amazing results.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Eczema

Using the oil is very easy, because of it having so many health benefits you should use it internally and externally. Remember you can use it in you mix for your smoothie. The Coconut oil is a plant fat, which means that it is a medium chain fatty acid, so it won’t help you put on weight if anything it will help you take it off.An attack of eczema is actually that, an attack. The first things for an attack to happen is your skin has to be sensitive to certain irritants that will make the condition flare up. The second thing is that there has to be a cause. So you have to take the time to figure out what exactly what the causes are so that you are able to use the coconut oil for your eczema. If you do nothing at all, the immune system will beat the condition however having a flare up of eczema is painful and annoying and can sometimes even leave scarring. Most of the people who have these flare ups would agree that if you find a treatment it would be better than just to wait. Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for eczema as well as other inflammations.

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