Coconut Oil for Dandruff: A Natural Dandruff Remedy

Dandruff flakesDandruff can be a bothersome issue to have. It is often caused by having a dry scalp, which in turns creates flakes that are on the scalp and in the hair as well. If this is an issue that you have, you are mostly likely are looking for a way to treat it as well. There are a lot of home remedies that will promise to cure this ailment. One that is found to be the most effective though, is to use coconut oil. Using coconut oil to treat dandruff is something that has been used for some time, but may not be well known. This natural remedy is sure to help alleviate this issue.

Why it Works

It is thought that the reason coconut oil works as a home remedy, is because it works as a deep moisturizer in the hair and scalp. This moisturizing property is what will replenish the hydration in the scalp, hence no flakes. Because of this, those with thick coarse hair are often encourage to use hot coconut oil hair treatments to treat and prevent the dandruff issue. Coconut oil also has some anti-fungal properties to offer. These anti-fungal properties can aid in the treatment of dandruff as well.

How to Use Coconut Oil to Treat Dandruff

In order to try this successfully at home, you will need to look at the options of coconut oil that are available. Most people recommend using Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil for this natural remedy. Buying this though, in its natural form it is solid. Coconut oil has low melting point of 76 degrees so I will melt in your hands as you apply it to your scalp. However, if you prefer to have it in liquid form when you apply it to your scalp you will have to heat it up, which is as simple as popping it into the microwave for a few seconds.

You will need to determine the amount of oil that you are wanting to use. It is important to not use too much, as it can give hair a greasy dirty appearance if aren’t able shampoo it out after your treatment. Using too much of this coconut oil can also cause build up on the scalp, which will completely defeat the purpose. It is recommended that you use one or two teaspoons at first to try and treat. If this isn’t quite enough, apply just a slight bit more the following attempt.

You will want to massage the oil directly into your scalp, so make sure to part the hair when applying. Do not scratch with your nails when massaging, as this will actually bring up more flakes into the hair. After you have thoroughly applied and massaged, place a shower cap or even a plastic bag around the hair. Leave the coconut oil on for about fifteen minutes, and then wash the hair well and condition.  This may take a couple of attempts, so be sure to be patient and keep trying.

Using coconut oil as a home remedy for dandruff is an inexpensive way to get rid of this embarrassing issue. If after trying this out and seeing that it is effective, you should consider getting hot coconut oil treatments at home each week, as these will help as well to prevent it from coming back. Coconut oil for dandruff is a great start to that silky clean hair!

Image Credit: Hmochoa95 [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Why Use Coconut Oil for Hair Loss Treatment?

Is hair loss a problem in your life? Do you want to recreate the look and feel of healthy, thick, lustrous hair? Then maybe you should be checking out the benefits that are available once you begin using coconut oil for hair loss concerns.

Natural extracts and botanical formulas are now being recognized as the treatment options that most consumers want to use. When you use coconut oil or other plant-based ingredients for bathing, skin care and hair care needs you are going to immerse yourself in the healing powers that Mother Nature has to offer. Instead of depending on dangerous chemicals and prescription drugs you can treat your scalp, skin and hair to gentle, natural formulas that have proven to be both safe and effective.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

The oil that is extracted from coconuts is one of the best natural products you can use to help stop any ongoing loss of hair. There are rich compounds in coconut oil that work to clean and condition your hair and scalp. The coconut oil will also rejuvenate dull, listless hair strands and enhance the natural color, shine and highlights. When you use coconut oil for hair loss problems there is scientific proof that this product can deliver the help that you need.

This oil contains crucial fatty acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants and other nourishing ingredients that healthy hair requires.  The positive effects of Caprylic, Lauric and Capric acids have been documented through scientific research.

Why Coconut Oil Is a Top Rated Treatment for Hair Problems

The chains of monoacylglycerol esters and fatty acids that are present in coconut oil have proven that they can inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori. This gram-positive bacteria is now associated with the development of problematic scalp and hair conditions including those common issues that promote hair loss. H. pylori has also been identified as a contributing factor that promotes the development of dandruff, itchy scalp,and other inflammatory scalp and skin conditions.

Choose Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to Treat Hair Loss Problems

When using coconut oil for hair loss it is best to use specific formulations. Choose organic blends that contain only unrefined forms of this oil. For maximum results you should search for a product that offers the benefits and value of extra virgin coconut oil. Cold pressed coconut oil is also highly recommended. Even if you are going to purchase a manufactured shampoo that contains coconut oil as an ingredient the oil should be classified as “unrefined” or “organic”. This will ensure that you are using a premium product with the nutritious oil you need to grow lush, luxuriant locks of hair.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Every day it seems, people are coming up with new miracle hair treatments. These treatments are often not only a huge waste of money, they cover the hair in harsh chemicals that are actually harmful to the hair. Recently, many people have become familiar with an all natural treatment that has been used for hundreds of years. Coconut oil is an all-natural hair growth treatment that not only works, but it is relatively inexpensive.

How Does Coconut Oil Promote Hair Growth?

Coconut oil offers a vast array of benefits that work to create the ideal environment for hair strength and rejuvenation. First, coconut oil works to moisturize and protect hair. The coconut oil can actually penetrate and add moisture to each individual strand. One of the main problems that most people experience with their hair is breakage caused by dryness. This breakage can thin the hair and give the perception of excessive hair loss and slowed growth. Coconut oil treatment offers vitamin E, a promoter of healthy hair and growth, reversing this problem.

Coconut Oil for Hair

Natural fruits and vegetables, along with an assortment of oils like coconut oil, have been used for thousands of years to treat and condition the body. Now that the secret is out, many people are using natural products in their beauty regimen with great success. Coconut oil is one of those products, and it can be used in many ways. Coconut oil is a wonderful, natural way to have the healthiest skin and hair because the properties of the oil retain hydration and allow the hair and skin to look radiant. Coconut oil for hair makes a luxurious conditioner that is easy to use and might already be in your kitchen cabinet!