Coconut Oil for Dogs

There are many benefits to using coconut oil for dogs. The taste of coconut oil also makes it easy to administer. Coconut oil can be given orally or as a topical medicine. To give orally, start with a half of a teaspoon per 20 pounds of weight each day for a week. Work up to one teaspoon per 10 pounds of weight per day. It’s best to split up the dose into increments throughout the day to reduce the chances of an upset stomach. Use virgin coconut oil for best results.

Topical uses

Coconut oil for dogs has a multitude of uses. All dogs have odor problems at times. Massaging coconut oil into their skin can eliminate the odor and make snuggling pleasant again. Massaging coconut oil into their skin can also help clear up rashes and dry itchy skin as well as give them a nice shiny coat of fur. Rub it on dry cracked paws, cuts, insect stings, and wounds as a soothing healing ointment. Rubbing your pooch with coconut oil also helps relieve itching from flea bite allergies. Applying to the ears helps rid of ear infections as well.

Internal uses

Coconut oil for dogs also has many benefits if taken orally.