Top 10 Benefits of Coconut Oil

As more and more people are getting on the health bandwagon, there is a growing interest in finding new natural ways of becoming healthy. Health conscious people are becoming more aware of the benefits from natural sources for nutrition. With the availability of internet around the world, many cultures have been sharing more of their local foods and the benefits associated with these foods.

Coconut oil, due to is large content of saturated fat, was previously believed to be unhealthy; however more research has shown that it is actually one of the best super foods and has many special healthy benefits.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease Patients

A form of dementia that worsens over time, Alzheimer s disease, or AD, ravages the brain causing severe memory loss and drastic behavioral changes. It is estimated that by the year 2050 over 15 million people in the United States alone will be afflicted with AD. Numerous drugs have been tried in an effort to stop or slow the progression of the disease; however, most have met with little success. As with many diseases, some research into Alzheimer’s suggests that a causal link can be established to nutritional deficiencies; some studies have shown that coconut oil may be of benefit.