Top 10 Benefits of Coconut Oil

As more and more people are getting on the health bandwagon, there is a growing interest in finding new natural ways of becoming healthy. Health conscious people are becoming more aware of the benefits from natural sources for nutrition. With the availability of internet around the world, many cultures have been sharing more of their local foods and the benefits associated with these foods.

Coconut oil, due to is large content of saturated fat, was previously believed to be unhealthy; however more research has shown that it is actually one of the best super foods and has many special healthy benefits. The fat from the coconut is actually medium-chain triglycerides, which are quickly assimilated by the body and are a great source of energy.

Why Coconut Oil is a Super Food:

1. Good for the Heart

Almost half of the fat in the oil is made up of Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid helps to lower bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Also since the saturated fat is easily absorbed by the body, it is one of the best oils for cooking when comparing with vegetable oil or corn oil. Low cholesterol means a strong heart and a long life.

2. Weight Loss

Another benefit of the oil saturated fats is that it relieves the stress in pancreas; hence increasing the metabolism in a person and providing them with more energy.

3. Digestive System

The fats in the oil when used for cooking help with the digestive system. Also the oil has anti microbial properties which help dealing with different fungi or parasites in the digestive system.

4. Infections

The oil, when applied over a skin cut, the oil creates a chemical layer that protects against infections. Also some research has shown that other coconut oil benefits include its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is believed that the oil can help against flu and fungi related diseases.

5. Bones and Teeth

The oil facilitates the body’s ability to absorb the calcium and magnesium intake which are very important in the development of strong bones. Calcium is a very important ingredient in the development of strong teeth thus by making it easier for the body to absorb calcium it provides another great benefit of coconut oil.

6. Liver

Many of the fats in coconut oil are easily absorbed and converted into energy from the liver, thus relieving quite a bit of stress and minimizing the risk of the built up of dangerous fats in the liver. Given that the diet of many American’s is made up of many unhealthy foods, adding the oil to the diet should be a must for many people.

7. Stress Relief

Oil applied to the forehead and with a gentle massage is known to relieve stress and headaches.

8. Alzheimer’s Disease

Lately there have been a few studies that link ketone in coconut oil as a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The oil provides an alternative energy sources to brain sells damaged by the disease. Many individuals that have added the oil in their daily diet and have seen considerable improvement.

9. One of the Best Moisturizers for the Skin

Its nutritional abilities make the oil a great natural moisturizer for the skin. It is very effective in all types of skin especially people with dry skin. It also helps keep the skin rejuvenated and it slows down wrinkles and the effects of aging.

10. Great for Damaged and Dry Hair

Studies have shown that a frequent use of coconut oil is very beneficial to the human hair. Using the coconut oil as conditioner after the shower helps with the re-growth of hair and gives the hair a new shiny look. Also, people who frequently use coconut oil have noticed a decrease in the amount of dandruff.

Although these are only a few of the benefits of coconut oil, it clearly shows that frequent use of the oil will provide individuals with a much healthier life. Benefits are numerous and the oil is a natural ingredient without synthetic chemicals used in many health and beauty products.